Why SOPA will have Zero effect on Piracy

SOPA Blacklisted domains will be blocked by denying DNS requests. DNS (Domain Name System) is essentially a phone-book relating easy to remember words, to static Internet addresses. Just like in a phone-book, if you deny access to a record the web site’s IP address (phone number) will still work. The IP address will still continue to work without a DNS record. If users just use a different phone book, or write the address down somewhere else; they could still access the blocked websites like nothing has happened.

As a user you can write your own “phonebook” that is SOPA safe by editing your operating system’s hosts file. It’s essentially the same as writing a name and phone number down on a sticky note.
In windows this is in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
In Linux & Mac OSX it’s in /etc/hosts

Knowing this

  1. SOPA only affects DNS systems that the US Government can control.
  2. DNS is not required to access other machines across the Internet.
    – DNS is used as a human friendly way to get the address to a server’s location, and to choose a particular service on that server.
  3. While DNS names are required to access many web services using shared IP addresses, it doesn’t matter where you get an IP address for a DNS name just as long as that IP address is correct.
    – For SOPA blocked sites, a user can edit their hosts file to include the domain name and correct IP address.
  4. The users of the site could switch to an alternate DNS provider outside of SOPA’s control.
    – This is an easy 3 minute process that can be done to any OS or common household router. Here’s a guide from google, it can be adopted for any DNS provider.
  5. P2P Software systems used for piracy do not directly rely on DNS.
    – While DNS names may be used to connect to trackers, it’s not a requirement. Nearly all systems just use IP address to interconnect users, completely bypassing DNS.

While initially this will thwart some forms of piracy,  these pirates will very quickly move to alternative pre-existing SOPA safe methods that do not rely on DNS. Some of these include offshore USENET, IRC + DCC, Bittorrent, WASTE, and Freenet

The only people who will be hurt by this legislation are those who are not actually involved with piracy.

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My First WebGL application

About a week ago I begun to dig through a few WebGL frameworks. I tried GLGE, CopperLicht, and SceneJS. I went through a few tutorials in each, and then I decided to do something with SceneJS.

I wrote a PHP class that was a recursive backtracer maze generator (will post regarding this later), so what I did was create a second class that transforms the map data from the recursive backtracer and translate it into a 3D Scene.

So far it’s fairly simple, I have a premade set of prims for each wall, ceiling, and floor. Then I just run through the map cell by cell, cloaning the prims and then just adding the row number and column number to the X and Z positions.

The camera view is first person, but you can still walk through walls I haven’t learned how to keep that from happening yet.
I marked the end of the maze with a gold goblet.

Visit the application (Requires a WebGL browser)

My business card

Since my move to Phoenix, I’ve had more time to do freelance work. To help get my name out I began designing a business card.

I’m a designer, and a programmer so I really wanted something that looked unique yet technical. All I wanted the card for was my name, what I did, and ways to contact me. I went over multiple styles, and with the tips of a few graphic designer friends at Angelworld forums (Vincent Lai, Ikomi, Crays, and McLaranium) I decided that a very simple style is the best.

I finished the design, and my next task was finding a printer. My design is very simple, has a high tolerance for printer issues, and I wasn’t looking for any special effects. Most printers are able to do the job well enough. It ended up at who would provide the best quality paper, at the best price and still have a good rap for decent printing. After reading some reviews online, and consulting with local printers I decided to go with GreatFX.

The work done by GreatFX at GreatFXBusinessCards.com was outstanding and fast. I sent the cards to print on September 7th, and received them in the mail September 14th. The ink didn’t smudge, the lines were crisp, and the fine print was very readable. I’m happy with the work done by GreatFX.

It’s time for me to start handing out my cards!

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Really awesome art.

Caleb Charland has some really awesome art, give him a look.

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Car scratches?

I just washed my car, and noticed that my car had a bunch of little scratches around the door handle and near the gas cap. The previous owner obviously had a ring, and that did some damage to the clear coat on the car.
After my car was dry, I used this stu from the company called “Kit” it comes in a small yellow bottle labeled “Scratch out”. All I did was pour some on a shammy cloth, swirled into the scratches, and then wiped clean with another cloth. It removes everything except the deep scratches.
The chemical was also recommended for use on yellowed, and aged headlight and tail light fixtures. Using the same process for removing scratches, it made the headlights as clear as the day the car rolled out of the factory.
The bottle is only a few dollars, and can be found at walmart, amazon and other automotive stores.

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Just about ready!


Thank you kindly for viewing my blog!
What you can expect from viewing this blog, is my daily thoughts and ideas. I hope to use this blog to share with my friends programing, pictures, and other nifty and cool things that I find. I already have a connection on this blog to my active Google Buzz account; look for the link labeled “My Buzz” on the right. I hope to update this blog on a somewhat regular basis.

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Almost there

Hey, I see you looking here. I’m getting closer to opening this blog.

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