Realtime Shared Musical Keyboard

Speed Of Arts is a Real Time Shared musical keyboard. It’s powered by a web socket server, and some nifty Midi JavaScript libraries. The idea is to give the user an instrument that allows them broad artistic freedom, and gives them the ability to interact with anyone around the world musically, without getting in the way. I also want it to be visually interesting.

In it’s current form, when you connect to the website you will be provided with two options. One to join the public room, or to start your own private room. If you join the public room, you ‘ll be greeted with a familiar musical keyboard, a list of available sounds, and a graphical display. If you’re on your phone you can tap the keyboard. If you’re a musician, you can plug in a midi instrument and begin playing. If you’re at your desktop, your keyboard is transformed into an instrument. Pressing + and – will allow you to adjust your octave, while the home row and the row above allows you to play notes.

I believe that Speed Of Arts provides a valuable service to musicians and students of music. Speed Of Arts connects people effortlessly in a way that’s anonymous but musically inclined. You don’t have a picture, or a name of whoever is at the other end. But you know they’re there, and they see you as well.

I hope to expand Speed Of Arts to provide more services and meaningful interactions between players. To try Speed Of Arts yourself, go to

Beware of the Swarm

Oh no! There is an alien swarm attacking earth! We need skilled pilots to stop this attack!

Beware of the Swarm is an Indy developed game by Vincent Prime for Man on the Moon Studio. It’s developed in Unity 3D for SteamVR. Requires that you have motion controllers.

Play the old HTML5 Demo!

If you’re interested in supporting the development of the game financially or by sharing your skills, please contact me.

HTML5 Controls

  • Pitch: Mouse Up & Down
  • Roll: Mouse Right & Left
  • Strafe: A & D or Left and Right
  • Thrust: W & S or Forward and Back
  • Fire: Primary Mouse
  • Menu: Escape

In Development

  • Upgradeable Weapons
    • Homing Missiles
    • Laser
    • Explosives
  • High Score List
  • Other Enemy Types
    • Motherships
    • Battleships
  • Other Locations

Release Notes

Alpha Release

  • Basic Flight Controls
  • Swarming Enemy AI
  • Kinetic Weapon

Constructing an JavaScript/HTML5 Isometric Game Engine

I’ve been taking on the task of creating an isometric game engine displayed in HTML 5’s Canvas and ran primarily on JavaScript. So far the venture’s been pretty sucessful. The hardest part is remembering the simple algebraic formulas that goes behind scaling and transforming objects across the screen. When I’m finished I’ll likely release something that’s open source, though that’s when I’m finished and I’m no where near that yet.

Click here to play

Current Features

  • All JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. None of this requires flash or any special plugin
  • Runs on Android, should run in iOS.
  • Screen scales with your browser window.
  • Basic alert window
  • Basic win condition
  • Infinite layers over the map
  • Movement authenticated over the server
  • Map data received by the server
  • Pre-loader and Loading screen
  • Basic UI elements
  • Being built from the ground up to work for multi-player games.
  • The game’s tile set and tile image sizes can be changed by editing a single array.

Coming Soon

  • Change movement and positioning, so the character can move around freely and isn’t locked to a grid.
  • Allow for the user to hold down a button to move. Currently you have to tap the direction to move each block.
  • Reduse bandwidth and lag by adjusting how movement is handled in client-server communication.
  • Reduce bandwidth and lag by using WebSockets to poll.
  • Replace the tileset with a cool custom tileset.
  • Map to map teleportation.
  • Multi-player functionality.
  • Quest System
  • Character registration and creation.
  • AI systems for guided movement
  • AI systems for combat

Click here to play