Beware of the Swarm

Oh no! There is an alien swarm attacking earth! We need skilled pilots to stop this attack!

Beware of the Swarm is an Indy developed game by Vincent Prime for Man on the Moon Studio. It’s developed in unity for WebGL web browsers, no installation needed. The game is currently in Early Access, I’ll update this post with the latest stable development releases. This game aims to be a fast paced space shooter, where you fight large swarms of enemies with various epic weapons. If you would like to help with development, you can subscribe with Pateron. Top donators will be included in the game credits, and can help decide on the game’s direction.

Play the Game!

If you’re interested in supporting the development of the game financially or by sharing your skills, please contact me.


  • Pitch: Mouse Up & Down
  • Roll: Mouse Right & Left
  • Strafe: A & D or Left and Right
  • Thrust: W & S or Forward and Back
  • Fire: Primary Mouse
  • Menu: Escape

In Development

  • Upgradeable Weapons
    • Homing Missiles
    • Laser
    • Explosives
  • High Score List
  • Other Enemy Types
    • Motherships
    • Battleships
  • Other Locations

Release Notes

Alpha Release

  • Basic Flight Controls
  • Swarming Enemy AI
  • Kinetic Weapon

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