Inspirational Websites

When looking to design a new website, it helps to look at pre-existing work. Here’s some of the websites I like to visit to become inspired.

Nike –
Nike looks just as cool being worn, as it does on the internet. Their website sports the same futuristic sporty look that Nike has always been known for. It’s going to be years before this website looks “old”, because besides just looking futuristic it’s very well designed and truthfully very simple. There’s not much maintence and if they want to vastly change the look of any one page, they just have to switch out the background.

Apple –
Apple is well known for easy to use products, and good design. Many of their products actually look like they were designed by Dieter Rams. Their website is a perfect personification of their design principals. Timeless, and minimalistic.

Microsoft –
Microsoft has to be the most difficult site to design, not because their design is complicated but because their business is so huge. Microsoft has so many diffrent departments, and each one want’s a piece of the home page. Microsoft somehow hit it right, and designed a site that will bring you right to where you need to go with minimal effort or hunting.

Selected Web Design –
Selected Web Design is a website full of other very good and interesting designs, they’ve got categorys and other ways to filter the selections and find a site similar to your taste. You can find your own inspirations here.

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