My business card

Since my move to Phoenix, I’ve had more time to do freelance work. To help get my name out I began designing a business card.

I’m a designer, and a programmer so I really wanted something that looked unique yet technical. All I wanted the card for was my name, what I did, and ways to contact me. I went over multiple styles, and with the tips of a few graphic designer friends at Angelworld forums (Vincent Lai, Ikomi, Crays, and McLaranium) I decided that a very simple style is the best.

I finished the design, and my next task was finding a printer. My design is very simple, has a high tolerance for printer issues, and I wasn’t looking for any special effects. Most printers are able to do the job well enough. It ended up at who would provide the best quality paper, at the best price and still have a good rap for decent printing. After reading some reviews online, and consulting with local printers I decided to go with GreatFX.

The work done by GreatFX at was outstanding and fast. I sent the cards to print on September 7th, and received them in the mail September 14th. The ink didn’t smudge, the lines were crisp, and the fine print was very readable. I’m happy with the work done by GreatFX.

It’s time for me to start handing out my cards!

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