How to make Lenticular Images in Secondlife

Found an article on Sculpt Blender where the author Murgy has discovered a neat effect in the second life viewer that allows for Lenticular Images (the images that change depending on what angle you view it). He goes into a bit of detail on how he discovered it, I’m going to give you a step by step process and provide you with the sculpted texture.

I’m assuming you understand the basics of creating objects in secondlife.

Step 1 – Creating the prim
Upload this sculpted texture, and name it something useful to you.
Create a new prim,  a cube works. Open the object tab, change the building block type to “sculpted”. Select the uploaded texture. Then change the stitching type to “Plane”. Open the texture tab, and change the transparency to 1 or higher.

You now have the basics of a lenticular lens, if you move the viewer from left to right you will see the texture change a little.

Step 2 – Creating the texture
Create a texture in photoshop, the maximum height for textures is 1024 in secondlife.
If you want a 4:3 aspect ratio for the images, set width as 341px and height to 1024px .
Viewing from Left to Right the first image is going to be on the bottom.
Set a guide for Y axis 770px, under this guide you can put your first image. This will be a bit shorter than the second image.
Set a guide for Y axis 370px, above this guide you can put your second image.
The middle, it’s best to leave clear or a color that matches the border of your images.
Here’s a .PSD with guides already set.
Now you can upload your texture to secondlife and apply to the prim, then rotate the texture -90 degrees and set the transparency to at least 1. Now check out your new Lenticular image!

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