About Vincent

I'm a programmer who loves to build. If I were to give you a tour of my home, you wouldn't pass the foyer without spotting a heat gun or soldering iron. I want to create devices that connect the physical and the digital worlds.

I grew up with limited access to information, tools, and resources but with a strong passion to create and with supportive parents and space to tinker. Lacking accessible internet, I taught myself Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTML so I could make browser games. I also built cannons, and siege weaponry in the garage with PVC, wood scraps, and drywall screws. I learned to be resourceful.

My passion continues. I developed many novel solutions to complex problems. Given a difficult task I would hyper focus until it's solved, or the sun has risen & coffee has ran dry. I like to write software, but I also love to get my hands dirty and wrench on stuff. It feels great to see my creations come to life.

I'm also a creator and coder at home. I have dozens of projects mixed between software and hardware including, a prop laser rifle, 2D game engine, maze generator, and a few various robots. I have a 3D printer, and a well stocked tool chest to help bring my ideas to life.

I accept and learn from failure, as it's a great teacher. I am a positive thinker who works well with people both technical and not. I enjoy helping and working on a team, but I work best alone and unsupervised.


Realtime Shared Musical Keyboard

Speed Of Arts is a Real Time Shared musical keyboard. It’s powered by a web socket server, and some nifty Midi JavaScript libraries. The idea is to give the user an instrument that allows them broad artistic freedom, and gives them the ability to interact with anyone around the world musically, without getting in the […]


Twitchy the Robot

Play with Twitchy View the Source on GitHub Twitchy the Robot is a two part project consisting of a live stream, and a GitHub code project. Viewers of the live stream are able to control the robot (Twitchy) by typing commands into chat. The Live Stream Twitch the Robot is a live stream that gives […]


Beware of the Swarm

Oh no! There is an alien swarm attacking earth! We need skilled pilots to stop this attack! Beware of the Swarm is an Indy developed game by Vincent Prime for Man on the Moon Studio. It’s developed in Unity 3D for SteamVR. Requires that you have motion controllers. Play the old HTML5 Demo! If you’re […]


Displaying your Photospheres on your website

View the example page View the Source on Github Download the Library To simplify adding a photosphere to your website, I created the “Photosphere” library found in the above github repository. Start by linking the required libraries in the following order <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/three.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/Detector.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/OrbitControls.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/Photosphere.js"></script> Next you’ll […]


Backpack Laser Rifle

It all started from a toy “Xploderz” watergun, and a glass vase I found at the dollar store. The watergun wasn’t any good, but I thought the design looked pretty cool. I thought it would look cooler if the tube was actually glass and included a red Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp (CCFL) used for computer modding. To […]



Steampunk Gun

In this video series, I’m building a steampunk prop out of an old Ford F-100 fuel pump. Second video coming soon.


Why SOPA will have Zero effect on Piracy

SOPA Blacklisted domains will be blocked by denying DNS requests. DNS (Domain Name System) is essentially a phone-book relating easy to remember words, to static Internet addresses. Just like in a phone-book, if you deny access to a record the web site’s IP address (phone number) will still work. The IP address will still continue […]


How to load more content whilst scrolling: like bing image search

This is great for any page that could contain potentially an large to infinite amount of data. When a user scrolls to the bottom of the page, in the background a javascript-server connection will feed more data to the page. User facing page <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Scroll Forever</title> <style> .bump{ display:block; border: 1px solid […]


Removing or Modifying svn client passwords

For how common this task is, it’s incredibly hard to find on Google. You’ll need to remember this for anytime you want to change your user account, password, or just delete your account from your subversion client. This works in Netbeans, RabbitVCS, and a majority of other subversion clients that just connect with the svn […]


Writing a script to toggle a pointing device in linux

I recently purchased a new laptop, and installed Ubuntu Linux. There’s one major problem with the laptop; the trackpad is too sensitive and resting your palm will click the mouse. The computer includes a shortuct (FN + F9) to disable the trackpad, but natrally from linux this doesn’t work. Here’s how you can solve this: […]