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Resume « Vincent Prime
Welcome to Vincent Prime.com
Vincent Prime - Software Engineer / Game Development / Web Development

I'm a creative and driven professional committed to furthering my career in web development, game programming, & software engineering. Providing 7 years of professional experience and 13 years of independent study in programing and web development; showing perspicacity in creative thinking, data architecture, and software design.

Server Side Development

Front End Development

Software Architecture

Game Development

Web Design

Embedded Development

Linux Development

Windows Development


Race Car Driving



PHP, Python, CSS, HTML5, Canvas, WebGL, Django, Angular.JS, jQuery, MySQL, C++, GLGE, Zen Framework, Smarty, Cake, Tasty Pie, API, SEO, PyGame, PyGTK, proceedural systems
+ Web Development
13 years developing websites.
7 years developing rich web applications using front end and back end technologies.
Capable of solving complex problems.
Experience in 2D video game graphics. I have written my own Isometric Game Engine in JavaScript.
Experience in Web Design, and User Experience.
Experience in content management systems like Wordpress, Xoops, Joomla, and Drupal.
Experience in flash animation and actionscript.
Experience in scoping for software develpment.
Experience in operational security, and information security.
Adhering to W3C standards and ADA Accessability standards.
Ability to pick up new programming languages on the fly.
Hyperfocus like a Ninja.
+ Game Develpment
Many years of programming experience.
HTML5, JavaScript, and Canvas elements.
Ability to think geometricly and apply it to code.
Experience in Modeling 3D graphics using Blender, 3DS Max, and Solid Edge.
Experience in proceedural generation.
Experience in WebGL frameworks.
Experience in client/server communication.
Some expirence in 3D programming.
Experience in LUA and other modding languages.
+ Software Engineering
Years of programing experience.
Experience in team management through the Sprint process.
Ability to quickly pick up new languages.
Experience in Desktop GUI frameworks.
Experience in Client/Server Relations.
Experience in multiple framework styles.
+ Embedded Develpment
Years of programing experience.
Ability to quickly pick up new languages.
Experience with hobby grade microcontrollers.
Light electronics background. Understanding of electrical theory, components, and circut design.
Experience in fabrication.
3D CAD using Solid Edge.
3D Printing.
Automotive Systems.
Servos, and Robotics.
+ Other Useful Experiences
2D Graphic Design for Print, Video, and Web.
Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, QuarkExpress.
Video Production for Television and Web. Including live broadcasting.
Video Editing, Sound Editing & Engineering.
Television engineering including NTSC Standards, and use of video and audio test equiptment.
Network and Server management.
VPN Bonding using multiple 4G routers or other WAN for extreme data speeds and reliability in remote locations.